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I’m a newbie vegan and I was wondering, what are some of the most common places New Yorker Vegans shop?

I’m trying to give up meat gradually. How long did it take you before you were a total vegetarian or vegan? Was it hard?

I have given this a great deal of thought and i really want to be vegan (i don’t like the thought of an animal in my stomach). Also, would i loose weight? Do you have any snack ideas? I don’t like chips or anything fattning like that. I eat a lot of fruit, what else could i have?
I’m not fat or anything, I weight 127 and am 5′7 and i DO exercise.

Being vegan is extremely expessive and it’s tough to buy all the things I need for a healthy lifestyle. Any advice would be great.

I am looking for examples of 18 yr old+ males that have been vegan since birth. Does anyone have any links?

I would like to make vegan yorkshire puddings. I was wondering if I can use water instead of soya milk because I don’t have any kind of milk at the moment and my local shop doesn’t sell any.

I have egg replacer :]


I am doing a speech and i need to find an easy recipie to make. Perfiably vegan, or vegetarian.
thanks :)

I once got sick from going to a vegan restaurant and ordering a steamed artichoke with tofu aioli. I went home a was very nauseous and threw up. A friend says it is impossible to get sick from restaurants that do not serve meat or dairy. Is this true? It would seem logical to me that bacteria knows no bounds and can contaminate any type of food, no?

I need a vegan breadmaker recipe for whole wheat bread with no eggs or sugar. Soy milk okay. THANKS!

You know like in the World’s Strongest Man Competition or the Arnold Strongman Classic. All the vegan powerlifters I have seen anything on look like armatures at best.
Why do idiots always think that bodybuilding is the same as strongman competitions? Bodybuilding is about being strong, strongman completions are about being strong. And Ryan Kennelly holds the record for bench press at 1074lbs.
Bodybuilding is about looking strong.

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